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Author: admin
To: exim-dev
New-Topics: [exim-dev] [Bug 2972] ACL check "!verify = reverse_host_lookup" gives error
Subject: [exim-dev] [Bug 2972] New: ACL check "!verify = reverse_host_lookup" gives error

            Bug ID: 2972
           Summary: ACL check "!verify          = reverse_host_lookup"
                    gives error
           Product: Exim
           Version: 4.96+
          Hardware: x86
                OS: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: bug
          Priority: medium
         Component: ACLs
          Assignee: jgh146exb@???
          Reporter: ente@???
                CC: exim-dev@???

Version Info:
❯ pacman -Q | grep exim
exim 4.96-2

An ACL with the following lines gives some strange and hard to predict error:

    warn    log_message      = [ACL_MAIL_UNAUTHED] Reverse DNS lookup failed
            !verify          = reverse_host_lookup
            set acl_m_reject = true
            add_header       = X-SPAM-REVERSE-DNS-LOOKUP: failed

There are 2 different versions of the error. For the precise text above
currently the error is only received when actually processing an incoming mail:

X=TLS1.3:TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:256 CV=no temporarily rejected MAIL
<XXXXX@???>: expected "sender[=address]", "recipient", "helo",
"header_syntax", "header_sender", "header_names_ascii" or "reverse_host_lookup"
at start of ACL condition "verify  reverse_host_lookup"

This is literally copied from journald. The '=' is suddenly missing. In the
config file, it exists.

Before I got a different error, when starting up exim. Same line. A minor
different ACL check. The old check was:

    warn    log_message      = ACL_MAIL_UNAUTHED: Reverse DNS lookup failed.
            !verify          = reverse_host_lookup
            set acl_m_reject = true
            add_header       = X-SPAM-REVERSE-DNS-LOOKUP: failed

The error was:
[2/2] error in ACL: "=" missing after ACL "verify" condition
[1\2] 2023-01-12 16:53:36.247 [18255] Exim configuration error in line 137 of
error in ACL: "=" missing after ACL "verify" condition

Now I commented those lines, everything else is working fine. I have 8 checks
in this ACL. They are all in a similar structure. Among others I have 
            !verify          = helo
            !verify          = csa
            !verify          = sender/callout=10s,fullpostmaster
in the same ACL and they dont throw any error.

So this is weird to me. Am I blind and can't spot my own error? Sorry for the
noise, if so.

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