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Συντάκτης: Felipe Gasper
Προς: Andrew C Aitchison
Υ/ο: exim users
Αντικείμενο: Re: [exim] Perl integration - context?

> On Jun 9, 2021, at 3:00 PM, Andrew C Aitchison <andrew@???> wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Jun 2021, Felipe Gasper via Exim-users wrote:
>> Hello,
>>     Is it possible with Eximâ??s Perl integration to create a reference
>>     that will last throughout a messageâ??s delivery and then be reaped?

>>     Iâ??d like to explore an flock-based lock for mail delivery that
>>     would allow an external process to suspend delivery by holding a
>>     lock on a designated path: if Exim/Perl does flock($fh, LOCK_SH)
>>     and fails EAGAIN, then Exim will defer acceptance of the message.

>>     When the flock() succeeds, ideally that flock()ed Perl $fh will
>>     last until delivery is done and then be reaped. Is it safe to
>>     store that in a Perl global, then call something else at the end
>>     of the routing that deletes/undefs that global? Or is there some
>>     cleaner way to give Exim such a reference and have Exim hold onto
>>     it for me until routing/delivery is over?

> I am reminded of the exim_lock utility, though that is an external process.
> I'm a bit confused.
> Are you trying to stop a second message from being accepted *into the
> exim queue* whilst the first is being routed/delivered ?

The idea is more to prevent message delivery during a backup or account reconfiguration.

I specifically want to avoid this:

1. External process suspends user’s mail delivery.
2. External process gets SIGKILL.
3. User gets no more mail until user complains ($$) and someone manually ($$) reenables the user’s mail.

Using flock() for this would cause the mail suspension to go away automatically once whatever holds that lock goes away:

1. External process flock(EX)s user’s special designated file.
2. Exim tries to flock(SH) that same file, gets EAGAIN.
3. Exim tells clients :defer:
4. External process finishes or gets SIGKILL.
5. User can receive mail again, no manual intervention needed.


1. Exim flock(SH)s the user’s special file.
2. External process tries to flock(EX), gets EAGAIN. Either retries later or just fails.