Re: [exim] Obfuscating $authresults

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Συντάκτης: Richard Salts
Προς: exim-users
Αντικείμενο: Re: [exim] Obfuscating $authresults

On 6/06/2021 8:28 pm, Jeremy Harris via Exim-users wrote:
> On 05/06/2021 11:35, Richard Salts via Exim-users wrote:
>> Sorry to necro something this old, but did anything come of this idea?
> No.  In my view there is no need to add builtin support, since
> you can do anything you want using existing facilities.
>> I'm looking to obfuscate the smtp.auth=username and
>> smtp.remote-ip=x.x.x.x in messages which are authenticated.
>> I was planning on doing something with ${sg ...} is that a silly idea?
> Seems rather complicated; why not just not add the AR header
> for an authenticated sender?  What info *do* you want to present
> for them?

I was wanting to encrypt them, so if abuse report came in I could
reverse the change and find out the actual sender without having to
consult the logs if the reporter had left the trace headers intact.