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Author: admin
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 2707] pcre2-posix library provides regex symbols which clash with system regex if a program links to pcre2-posix indirectly

Pietro Cerutti <gahr@???> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Pietro Cerutti <gahr@???> ---
We're currently being hit by this in NeoMutt on OpenSUSE, after an upgrade of
OpenSUSE that presumably brought in ncursesw linked against pcre2-posix.

In NeoMutt, we have pcre2 as an optional dependency. We have a module that
handles pre-defined regexes which works with both libc and pcre2:

The issue we have is that because ncursesw brings in pcre2-posix, if we build
without pcre2 support, we don't have HAVE_PCRE2 defined, so we fall-back to the
POSIX API, but those symbols are resolved in pcre2.

The net effect here is that the re->re_nsub member is 0 after a regexec, which
triggers an assert in our code (line 333).

Are you planning on removing the POSIX APIs from the pcre2-posix library and
keeping the #define foo pcre2_foo in the header? If so, do you have a timeline
for a new release with the fix?


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