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Author: Ze'ev Atlas
Subject: Re: [pcre-dev] Preparation for using JIT under S390
For some reason I do not receive all emails from pcre-dev, so I am answering my own email.  
I tried several attempts to disengage the code from the 'Linux only' approach.  Unfortunately, this is unnecessarily too involved and include usage of non-standard (outside of *nix world) headers such as auxv.h, elf.h and elf/elf.h.  This is done not only in the allocator as I had hoped, but also in the S390 actual module.  
I contend that this is a wrong approach and I formally protest that to the steering committee.  But I guess that nobody would listen to me.  
Since I am a one person team with no corporation sponsors, and have a day job, I had to abandon the effort for now.  Is it possible to contact IBM and have them look at the matter, please.  

Ze'ev Atlas

    On Saturday, November 14, 2020, 06:44:45 PM EST, Ze'ev Atlas via Pcre-dev <pcre-dev@???> wrote:  

Good morningI am aware that the JIT under S390 (IBM mainframe) is experimental.  However, I am one of the main interested parties as I maintain the port for z/OS.  Which is currently the only port that successfully run on S390.  I would like to begin testing the JIT version in my port.  I won't release it to the public before Zoltan makes it available to the public, but I can and would provide valuable information.
The question is to Zoltan and his team.
What options do you think I should use.  And what other pieces of information could you provide so I can fast start my port.
Remember please that the OS that I am using is NEITHER Unix, NOR Linux, NOR any Unix like OS
Ze'ev Atlas

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