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Author: Jeremy Harris
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] smtp transport process returned non-zero status 0x000b: terminated by signal 11
On 04/12/2019 06:29, Mikhail Golub via Exim-users wrote:
>> Ok, but with enabled ARC the problem can be reproduced again and again?
>> How often does it happen, do you have more such problems since the
>> reported one?
> No. It was with only one message.
>>> No. Exim build from FreeBSD port. No debug symbols.
>>> I can forward full problematic email message directry to developer.
>> Ok, please do.
> Sent message to your Email.

Heiko passed that on to me, and I managed to use it to create a similar
crash. While I can't tell it's actually the same one, I think it

A fix has been committed (7af11cd0ba) and will be in the next release.
The bug required that the configuration on the MTA at entry to the ADMD
omit ARC verification.