[exim-mirrors] Trimmed exim.org zone entries

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Author: Phil Pennock
To: exim-mirrors
CC: Phil Pennock
Subject: [exim-mirrors] Trimmed exim.org zone entries

I've removed six of the eight entries in the exim.org zonefile for
mirrors, based on "mirror is not working". Resulting zonefile snippet

Of the two left, one is listed on
<https://www.exim.org/mirmon/www_mirrors.html> and one is not; the
Norwegian entry is present, the Polish one is not.

None of the commented-out entries were present in the above
www_mirrors.html page, nor in ftp_mirrors.html either.

If any of these should be restored, please let me know; I'm not
subscribed to the mirrors mailing-list, so please keep me CC'd.


; Mirrors etc
; Any which were non-operational when checked are commented-out with with date
; of check added, so on a subsequent check we can remove for good.
; Any which are seen working should be commented with dates showing that.
; www.ie                A          ; DEAD 2019-10-14
; www.fr                A          ; DEAD 2019-10-14
; www.congo             A            ; DEAD 2019-10-14
; ftp.de                A         ; DEAD 2019-10-14
; www.de                A         ; DEAD 2019-10-14
; www.tw                A           ; DEAD 2019-10-14
www.pl          A                    ; WORKING 2019-10-14
www.no          CNAME   spheniscus.uninett.no.          ; WORKING 2019-10-14