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Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 2445] Crash on KDE/Dolphin during low disk space. Forwarding from KDE bugzilla.

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--- Comment #14 from Nikita Popov <nikita.ppv@???> ---
Exposing the allocator API sounds generally useful, but I'm not sure whether it
really addresses the problem of getting executable memory beyond simply making
it "someone else's problem", rather than PCRE's.

For example, distro PHP will generally be linked against system libpcre2, but
PHP itself will have absolutely no knowledge of how it can obtain executable
memory under the limitations of that particular distro.

What would be more useful for us at least, is if the right way was determined
at runtime (rather than compile-time) by trying through the different ways that
are available until one works (which right now would be to try an W+X mapping,
then try the offseted W^X mapping with tempfile, then give up). Similar to the
check that was recently added for whether the executable mapping works at all.

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