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Author: admin
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 2445] Crash on KDE/Dolphin during low disk space. Forwarding from KDE bugzilla.

--- Comment #3 from Tony <jodr666@???> ---
(In reply to Giuseppe D'Angelo from comment #2)
> Tony: is the original report using a system-wide PCRE2 installation? I'm
> pretty sure I've left sljitProtExecAllocator disabled in the PCRE2 copy
> shipped with Qt, so that must be coming from somewhere else. Could it be a
> problem of the distribution?
> On the other hand, JIT is always by default enabled in QRegularExpression.
> Is it a bad idea? The consensus seemed to be that JIT works and it's cheap
> these days so it should be a good default to be enabled.

Ummm, on the opensuse system i got this issue i am using the unstable
repositories for KDE/QT. If you had sljitProtExecAllocator disabled maybe they
have it enabled there, i have no idea. Any way for me to check that out?

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