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Author: Ze'ev Atlas
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Subject: [pcre-dev] PCRE2 (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) for z/OS 10.33 is available
I've just published version 10.33 of PCRE2 (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)  for z/OS.The distribution is available on file939 of the CBTTAPE.org (currently, in the 'UPDATE' page) http://cbttape.org/ftp/updates/CBT939.zip and eventually will move to the main page (http://cbttape.org/ftp/cbt/CBT939.zip) in few months

The distribution includes a working simple API for Rexx and a COBOL demo program that demonstrates the usage in COBOL.  The Rexx API includes an Assembler program that could be used to demonstrate the usage from Assembler.
Ze'ev Atlas