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Author: Ralph Soika
To: Exim-users
Subject: [exim] Running Exim4 in docker - how to set the message_size_limit?
I have written a Docker Service to run Exim4 as a smarthost. The project
is open on Github: https://github.com/imixs/imixs-docker/tree/master/exim4

In one of my environments I run into the 'message_size_limit' of 50MB. I
need some help to set a 'message_size_limit' of 1000MB.

You can see how I setup the exim4 service in this script:


My question is: How can I set the 'message_size_limit' in my start.sh
script? Is it possible to set this param in the

I am not the exim4 expert. This is the reason why I ask here if anybody
can help me.

Thanks for any hints or suggestion.