Re: [exim] Debian-Bug not stopping exim

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Author: Klaus Ethgen
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Debian-Bug not stopping exim
Am Do den 7. Feb 2019 um 8:26 schrieb Jan Ingvoldstad via Exim-users:
> Additionally, as Exim in Debian still uses SYSV init scripts, this would
> probably work better if rewritten to work with systemd, which was
> introduced with Jessie several years ago. I see more issues with "mongrel"
> init scripts (scripts run using systemd's SYSV compatibility thingy) than
> with definitions written for systemd in the first place.

I have no systemd anywhere on my systems. On server systems there is no
place for this crap.

I did also not say, that it is a exim problem. I just asked if someone
else already debugged it on debian systems. (It is clearly a debian
problem as start-stop-daemon is part of dpkg. But as I told, since the
systemd evangelists took over debian, it is a nightmare to file bugs
there so if one (as me) uses debian, you are on your own and need to fix
troubles by yourself as debian is no help anymore.)

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