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Author: Adrian Zaugg
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] exim4 tls relay to office 365, how to be sure my key/cert are used
Hi Renaud

You can use the service
It tells you whether a certificate was presented or not. You need to
send direct to their mx not through your smarthost though.

Regards, Adrian.

On 29.05.18 11:10, Renaud Mertens via Exim-users wrote:
> I'm trying to configure exim4 to relay outgoing mail through office365
> smarthost.
> Apparently o365 requires a valid certificate with a known domain in the CN
> field, otherwise the amount of mails you can send is limited and you risk
> being flagged as spam or have mails refused.
> I placed the cert+key i want to use in /etc/exim4/ (exim.key and exim.crt).
> Everything seems to be working, but i'm not sure they are actually being
> used by exim .. how can I make sure they do ?
> If I rename the files and restart exim, mails are still being sent
> successfully.. so that makes me wonder if my cert and key are used or not..
> If i use exim's sendmail command manually, i see this in the output :
> TLS: no client certificate specified; okay
> If I use strace, i don't even see the process looking at
> /etc/exim4/exim.key and exim.crt so i'm thinking maybe exim doesn't use
> them ?
> If anyone can help me i'd appreciate.
> Thanks
> Renaud