[exim] Exim 4.87 RC3 uploaded

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Author: Jeremy Harris
To: exim users, exim-dev@exim.org, exim-maintainers
Subject: [exim] Exim 4.87 RC3 uploaded
The ftp site:


now has RC3 of Exim 4.87 available. Built and
signed by myself.

Changes of interest since RC2:
- - DKIM: fix quoted-printable decode
- - Malware: Fix potential spin-on-read-error with kavdaemon
- - dnslists: permit use with explicit key(s) in nonsmtp ACLs. Bug 1748
- - Pretty print for -bP config
- - Consolidate base64 encode/decode routines
- - New expansion operator base64d, and base64 as synonym for str2b64. Bug 1746
- - Support certificates in base64 expansion operator. Bug 1762
- - DKIM: use TLS library where possible in preference to embedded PolarSSL copy
- - add requirement on good HELO in the example configuration
- - OpenSSL: Default the SINGLE_DH_USE option flag set
- - Expansions: fix memory-usage bug in ${run }. Bug 1778
- - Permit an ACL to override the default 252 VRFY response. Bug 1769
- - Restrict line lengths in bounces. Bug 1760

No feature-introductions will be accepted in the mainline code branch
between now and 4.87 final release. Bug fixes are still welcome.

Please report issues here in the exim-dev or
exim-users mailinglist, or by raising bugs
on http://bugs.exim/org

Sha256 sums:

aa2627518782f9a0c00fc131143430b1ea05cc20a5175c217cdfcc18b09f562c exim-4.87_RC3.tar.bz2
95caf31a880043693f40397041949b582ce260a35a152611eafcf42d0bf55b95 exim-html-4.87_RC3.tar.bz2
5bd8c370ab9ccab28ce6232844ac21ade7077f1085f285d2428acaac4be33d75 exim-pdf-4.87_RC3.tar.bz2
2d822244b6b34d928abf8bfeda1669aa6b9c0a0bedb9fe612c42853ff3cad369 exim-postscript-4.87_RC3.tar.bz2
fa1a9c5d6d77b37d93601ec8050b25b9f02181014f7f82c38ed356d3ac960cab exim-4.87_RC3.tar.gz
891ab82ed32895a5b6e439014f9d34a39fdebd7d77bc48841fea0b6f20a0d6ce exim-html-4.87_RC3.tar.gz
2c853b7ee15adf5c8d06767f349d918ba5c75e7fdbe01a771142353176d70b7e exim-pdf-4.87_RC3.tar.gz
37ed6fc12dbdc29079f0267e5ae00cdf1141eaf504ccfe85d06d9c09f114c949 exim-postscript-4.87_RC3.tar.gz

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