[exim] ubuntu split config dnslist white & black

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Author: Randy Bush
To: exim users
Subject: [exim] ubuntu split config dnslist white & black
ubuntu 14.0.4
exim 4.82
split config files (which i hate, but with mailman, clamav, ...)

the stock config in acls/30_exim4-config_check_rcpt was

  # Check against classic DNS "black" lists (DNSBLs) which list
  # sender IP addresses
    dnslists = CHECK_RCPT_IP_DNSBLS
    add_header = X-Warning: $sender_host_address is listed at $dnslist_domain ($dnslist_value: $dnslist_text)
    log_message = $sender_host_address is listed at $dnslist_domain ($dnslist_value: $dnslist_text)

which i hack to a deny. and main/00_randy_hacks has

CHECK_RCPT_IP_DNSBLS = dnsbl.sorbs.net,zen.spamhaus.org

but my single-file config on freebsd has

  drop    condition     = ${if isip4{$sender_host_address}}
          message       = blocked because $sender_host_address is \
                          in  blacklist at $dnslist_domain: $dnslist_text
          !dnslists     = list.dnswl.org
          dnslists      = dnsbl.sorbs.net \
                          : zen.spamhaus.org
          logwrite      = REJECT because $sender_host_address listed in $dnslist_domain

i.e. a white and a black list

can i get the whitelist part into the split ubuntu config other than hand hacking?