Re: [exim] Per-ACL DNS lookup configuration?

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Author: David North
To: Chris Siebenmann
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Per-ACL DNS lookup configuration?
On 16/01/16 20:43, Chris Siebenmann wrote:
>> This in turn lead to all my incoming mail being deferred by exim -
>> extract from debug output:
>>>>> no IP address found for host (during SMTP connection
>> from (somewhere) [])
>>>>> in dns_again_means_nonexist? no (option unset)
>>>>> host in ""? list match deferred for
>>>>> deny: condition test deferred in ACL "acl_check_rcpt"
>> 451 Temporary local problem - please try later
>> LOG: H=(somewhere) [] F=<foo@???> temporarily rejected
>> RCPT <bar@???>
>> Obviously, I don't want some spammer's inability to run a nameserver to
>> defer all my incomimg mail.
> I think that what you want to do here is add +ignore_defer to the front
> of the hosts list you're generating based on the DB query.
> If you also use IP addresses or netblocks in the DB, you may want
> +ignore_unknown here too. Otherwise an IP address without good reverse
> DNS may cause some amount of your IP addresses (or netblocks) to not
> match.
> (This is covered in the documentation in chapter 10 section 16 and
> section 14, but it's easy to miss; I did, years ago, with similar
> effects to what you're seeing here.)

Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for and is having the desired


David North |