Re: [exim] Strange problem with mime_acl_check.

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Author: Lena
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Strange problem with mime_acl_check.
> From: kuncho pencho

> The attachment is about 2mb, zipped file, contains folder with 20-30files
> inside.

> i login remotely to his pc, made exactly same attachment and copied
> to mail server. Check it and it pass about 1m16.021s. :(

Using `zip` from FreeBSD base, I created a compressed (-9) .zip file 2MB
containing 24 text files 7MB. The command `unzip -l` takes 0.004s real time
on my PC and 0.014s on my weakest VPS ("CPU 500 MHz").

> From: Dennis Davis

> zip files can be constructed to
> consume inordinate amounts of resources when decoded.

The `unzip -l` command lists compressed files, doesn't decompress them.
I don't understand why `unzip -l` takes 1m16s to list 20-30 files.
It's definitely not normal.