[pcre-dev] [Bug 1519] pcre_compile crash on solaris

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Author: Philip Hazel
To: pcre-dev
Subject: [pcre-dev] [Bug 1519] pcre_compile crash on solaris
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--- Comment #7 from Philip Hazel <ph10@???> 2014-09-19 17:06:37 ---
On Fri, 19 Sep 2014, Prashant Joshi wrote:

> --- Comment #6 from Prashant Joshi <pjoshi@???> 2014-09-19 16:35:23 ---
> It is typo in message.

In that case, please can you send a sample pattern and subject text that
shows the problem? Needless to say, the standard tests for PCRE have
lots and lots of examples of \s, and the main developement takes place
on Linux.

Preferably, if you can, it would be good if you could make an example
input file for pcretest that shows the problem.


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