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Author: Phil Pennock
To: Noel Martin Llevares
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] help in setting up filters
On 2012-04-09 at 19:22 +0800, Noel Martin Llevares wrote:
> Right now, I'm simply thinking of doing the following:
>    - Create user filter for each agent.
>       - Each outgoing email will be FORWARDED to a QA account. => This is
>       easy in cPanel, I think.
>       - This email should NOT be delivered to the client yet. => This part,
>       I don't know how to make the filter yet.

So really, you want to have the message "accepted" by the system which
quarantines outbound mails, rather than by something which does DNS
lookup or smarthost delivery. You can do this with a Router (as

>    - QA staff needs to review the email (make corrections,edits,etc.).
>       - QA staff should be able to send the email to the client *on behalf *of
>       the original sender. => This part I also don't know how to do.
> Gmail can do
>       this. Many email servers also allow this. What do I need to do
> with Exim so
>       that the QA account can send an email as *someone else*? Or, is this
>       simply a matter of the changing the "From:" and "Reply-To:" headers?

Gmail will put in Sender: information. Loosely, if you configure your
MTA to trust the sender, then the MTA won't fix up the message with that
information and will trust whatever it's told -- this is part of why the
spam problem is so prevalent in email. So yes, you can change the From:

Just be careful to not create a loop where the released mail might go
back into quarantine.

Also: if the QA staff are making corrections/edits, you probably want to
have those changes go back to the original replier, to create a training
feedback loop. I'll just reiterate my suggestion to consider proper
helpdesk software and leave it at that.