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Autor: Marcin Mirosław
Dla: exim-users, exim-dev, Tom Kistner
Temat: Re: [exim] DKIM problems
W dniu 02.03.2012 16:13, Phil Pennock pisze:
> Is it possible that the mail was received using \r line termination,
> instead of \r\n ?
> I think that we have a bug in that case: after the \r, we call
> receive_getc() and if the resulting character is *not* \n, then we put
> it back with receive_ungetc().
> Meanwhile, each call to receive_getc() updates DKIM state, so if
> receive_ungetc() is ever called, that character will update DKIM state
> twice.
> If you can confirm this, eg with tcpdump, then we may have found the
> cause.
> CC'ing Tom, for confirmation of analysis (I need sleep and may have
> missed something).

I can see 0d0a sequence in stream at the end of line.
Phil, thanks for looking into problem, sleep well
(I created test email account so i'm attaching all tcpdump flow).