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Author: Dominic Benson
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Exim: Select smarthost on basis of receipient address
On 16/02/12 08:26, Muhammad Irfan wrote:
> <>Hello,
> I know smarthost selection can be done on basis of sender_address.
> i found following two URL's are good resources for that.
> But is that possible on basis of recipient address? I need whenever my
> domain user send an email to same domain user it will relay to another
> server e.g. abc@??? sends an email to xyz@??? it need to
> relay on SMTP.
> And when my domain user sends an email to external domain it will go
> through locally by dnslookup. e..g abc@??? sends an email to
> hotmail,yahoo, gmail it needs to go through locally from mail1.example.comSMTP.

The manualroute router is what you need here - full docs on it are at

In short, specify

If you're on a Debian-ish setup, then
router/150_exim4-config_hubbed_hosts contains a good generalised