[exim] How to configure exim to accept messages for relay?

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Autor: Alan McConnell
Dla: exim-users
Temat: [exim] How to configure exim to accept messages for relay?
Assembled Wisdom!

This request for information is on behalf of a
system, gltap.com, using exim. I am working
with the gltap.com admins to enable gltap.com
to serve as a "smart host"(relay host) for
my home machine, which runs Debian squeeze.
For historical reasons, my home machine uses
p*stf*x as its MTA. My apologies!!<g>

The admins at gltap.com have already given
me a shell account, alan@???, and
I can send and receive mail from this account,
when logged on to it.

At present my "smart host" is PatriotNet, in
VA, as can be seen from my return address.
I wish to switch so that I can become

This means that the exim at gltap.com must
be configured to accept E-mail from my
home machine. I have done some reading in the
very fine exim documentation, and I believe
that the exim.conf file must be changed
at at least the entry 'host_accept_relay' .

NB: my p*stf*x installation uses sasl for
authentication for my transferring to the
patriot.net system. Will this work with

I am writing to ask for substantiation of this
belief, and to ask also: will a change of
/etc/exim.conf at gltap.com interfere with
Cpanel, which is used by the admins at
gltap.com, and about which I know NOTHING.

I apologize if this query is already answered
in the documentation. In my defense I can
say that at this level of E-mail arcana the
vocabulary used by e.g. sendmail, exim, and
p*stf*x can differ substantially.

TIA for anticipated help, and best wishes,

Alan McConnell

Alan McConnell :  http://patriot.net/users/alan
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