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Autor: Alan McConnell
Dla: Odhiambo Washington
CC: exim-users
Temat: Re: [exim] How to configure exim to accept messages for relay?
On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 11:42:11AM +0300, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
> > This means that the exim at must be configured to accept E-mail
> > from my home machine. I have done some reading in the very fine exim
> > documentation, and I believe that the exim.conf file must be changed at
> > at least the entry 'host_accept_relay' .
> >
> > NB: my p*stf*x installation uses sasl for authentication for my
> > transferring to the system. Will this work with
> > exim?
> > Alan McConnell
> >
> >
> Hi Allan,
> There are TWO ways they can help you out.
> 1. If you have a known static IP at the location you operate from, then all
> they have to do is to add that IP to the entry that goes
>     something like:
>     hostlist relay_from_hosts = what-is-already-there : YOUR_IP

                 Hi, Odhiambo,  Thanks for your reply.  In the U.S. only
           the rarest of users has a static IP on her/his home
           machine.  My ISP is Verizon, a huge, and much-hated
           U.S. telephone company.  I turn my computer on in the
           morning, turn it off at night; and every day I get a
           new dynamic address from Verizon.  Fortunately
           Verizon doesn't enter the picture here at all.

> 2. If (1) is not the case, then they need to configure their authenticators
> in Exim (this is in the exim.conf somewhere) to be able
>     to authenticate users against the passwd file, or use one of the
> several available authentication methods that Exim can use.

        <G>  Yes, I know that.  But I need to know exactly _how_.
      The devil is well-known to be in the details.  I am hoping
      for someone here who runs an E-mail server(using exim) and
      who has clients who rely on this server for relay hosting
      to tell me how their exim.conf handles this.

> In the second option, you will have to configure Postfix to use ASMTP
> (Authenticated SMTP) against the server at

          I am familiar with postfix and can configure the postfix on
      my machine to deal with whatever the  exim   at

If you run a mail-server in Kenya, which relays for client users,
perhaps you can give me excerpts from your exim.conf, telling me
how you have set it up.

Best wishes,

Alan, who has visited Nairobi and gone on safari in the Masai Mara;

Alan McConnell :
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      done that."  Eventually, Memory yields.(Friederich Nietzsche)