Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Test release of exim 4.72 uploaded

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Author: Nigel Metheringham
To: Andreas Metzler
CC: exim users, exim-dev
Subject: Re: [exim] [exim-dev] Test release of exim 4.72 uploaded
On 29 May 2010, at 14:56, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> The changelog seems to be incomplete, at least these are missing:

updated from your list - the committers should be updating this as they go.

> On a sidenote GIT 5883b3b7db5821baf802ce96027c16c8b3392ba6 seems to
> have accidentally re-reverted
> 673630801f39d786e934632ab2319cbd7fb6e1f2.

Can't find either of those objects within the git tree.


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