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Author: Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
To: exim-dev
CC: Thomas Hochstein
Old-Topics: Re: [exim-dev] Security issues in exim4 local delivery
Subject: [exim-dev] exim is dead (was Re: Security issues in exim4 local delivery)
On Wednesday 26 of May 2010, Thomas Hochstein wrote:
> Nigel Metheringham schrieb:
> > If there is no one else taking this on then I will build a release,
> > however I will also document it as being the last exim release as
> > the development community is unable to sustain further work, so the
> > only reasonable recommendation is for people to transition to a
> > mailer that has long term support.
> That'd be a shame. I'm not a programmer and don't have very much time
> on my hands, but if there's something I could do to help, I'd try.

You can do nothing to prevent this. Exim author left without a replacement and
thus exim is dying for few months already. Well, is dead actually and not

Little help won't solve the problem since there is no single person interested
in serious exim development.

> -thh

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