Re: [exim] errors by sender verifying

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Author: Heiko Schlittermann
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] errors by sender verifying
Margrit Lottmann URZ-N <Margrit.Lottmann@???> (Mi 29 Aug 2007 09:32:53 CEST):
> A great mail provider ""
> doesn't allow since yesterday our verify procedure for sender checking:
> here our configure part:
>  deny    message = $acl_verify_message
>           sender_domains = ! partial-dbm;DBM/etc/always_accepted_senders
>           !hosts = +relay_hosts
>           !verify = sender/callout=60s,defer_ok

> and now 1 error message:
> host []: 550-Callback setup failed while
> verifying <xxxxxx@??? <>>
> 550-(result of an earlier callout reused).
> 550-The initial connection, or a HELO or MAIL FROM:<> command was
> 550-rejected. Refusing MAIL FROM:<> does not help fight spam, disregards
> 550-RFC requirements, and stops you from receiving standard bounce
> 550-messages. This host does not accept mail from domains whose servers
> 550-refuse bounces.
> 550 Sender verify failed

Hm - I can't confirm this. Today we got 81 messages from t-online
senders, yesterday 95. *And* we're ussing sender callouts.

Where do go get this error message from?

Somehow the <mailto:...> looks strange, somehow I'm not sure it's
normally there. Obfuscating doesn't help, so I can't check the address.