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Author: Patrick Okui
To: Exim users
Subject: Re: [exim] Sender verification

On 28 Aug, 2007, at 11:45 PM, Wolfgang Hennerbichler wrote:

> Hi exim folks,
> I wonder how I could tell exim to reject messages that look like this:
> helo
> MAIL FROM:<"NokiaNiedersch\366neweidewlole"@???>
> The local part of the sender address is obviously "broken", and I
> want exim to reject a message like this (right now it is routed to
> another mailserver which rejects the message, so finally such a
> message gets frozen). Can anybody point me to an acl directive which
> would check the local part on "syntax errors" like these?
> I've seen this in the exim documentation, but I am not sure if this
> solves my problem:
> deny message = Restricted characters in address
> domains = !+local_domains
> local_parts = ^[./|] : ^.*[@%!] : ^.*/\\.\\./
> My guess is, that I need to put this in the ACL which is specified by
> acl_smtp_mail, right?
> thanks for any anwers;

The default configuration that ships with exim comes with that as
part of the acl_smtp_rcpt acl (which in turn is called
acl_check_rcpt). All you need to do is modify the "local_parts" regex
(which on my machine is ^[.] : ^.*[@%!/|] ).