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Author: Niall Mansfield
To: exim-announce
Subject: [exim-announce] Exim conference, April 2008
Subject: Exim conference 2008 -- Preliminary Announcement and Call for Papers

A few months back, an Exim / e-mail conference was proposed.
but it didn't go ahead because not enough people were interested.

At the recent Exim course given by Philip Hazel in Cambridge we asked
again, and there's been a lot more interest (partly because timing is
better, partly because Philip's course won't be run anymore) so the
Conference will go ahead now in 2008.


ps: apologies to those who receive both postings


        E-Mail Systems Conference 2008
            (Exim and other mail systems)
        Preliminary Announcement and Call for Papers
            Thu/Fri 3/4-Apr-2008
            Birmingham, England

Related conference:

    This conference is being run with the cooperation of the UKUUG
    -- the UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group.  The UKUUG
    conference takes place immediately before the E-Mail Systems
    conference, on Tue/Wed 1/2 April 2008, at the same venue.  The
    themes of the UKUUG conference are Virtualization and Dynamic

Purpose of Conference:

    The aim of the conference is to provide:

    * A forum to discuss practical experiences using Exim
      and other e-mail systems, for a wide range of users, from ISPs
      to tiny sites.

    * Tutorials for various levels of expertise.

    * A venue for the community, for informal networking and
      meeting socially.

    * A focus for the Exim developers, especially now that Philip
      Hazel, the creator and lead developer is retiring.  We will
      provide meeting facilities for all those interested in
      getting involved in maintaining and developing Exim.

    The last conference (2005), was solely about Exim.  This time
    we have broadened the theme because many topics -- issues with
    very large mail systems, spam filtering, resilience of mail
    systems, mail server clustering, mail performance, running
    message stores, techniques, etc. -- are common to all, and we
    want as broad a community as possible to participate.

Call for papers, tutorials, BOF topics

      Send abstracts of about 200 words, along with a short
      biographical note, to exim08-speakers (at) uit.co.uk.  Talks
      should last 30-60 minutes, including Q&A.

      If you would like to present a tutorial, send an abstract as

      If you don't want to speak, but there is a topic you're
      particularly interested in, or a speaker you think would be
      good for the conference, or a tutorial you'd like to attend,
      do let us know on the above e-mail address.


    Birmingham Conservatoire
    University of Central England
    Birmingham B3 3HG

Timetable (provisional):

    Thursday 3-Apr-2008
             All day: Conference papers
       Early evening: BOFS
             Evening: Social event / conference dinner

    Friday 4-Apr-2008
             Morning: tutorial(s)

Mailing list:

    To be added to the mailing list for announcements etc.
    about the conference, e-mail a (possibly empty) message to:
        exim08-subscribe  (at) uit.co.uk

Further information, as it becomes available:



    The new second edition of Philip Hazel's book "The Exim SMTP
    Mail Server"  has just been printed.