Re: [exim] SPA authentication and Vista

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Author: Renaud Allard
To: John W. Baxter
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] SPA authentication and Vista

John W. Baxter wrote:
> On 5/2/07 4:59 AM, "keith" <Keith.Martin@???> wrote:
>> To authenticate users before they can send mail from my server, I have been
>> using SPA which has been working fine up to now.
>> One user has just switched to Vista and it has all stopped working -
>> authentication fails every time.
>> I guess Vista is encrypting the username/password differently to the way XP
>> is - does anyone have any experience on getting Exim to work with Vista when
>> using SPA (whilst keeping it working with XP)
>> Relevant config file section:
>> begin authenticators
>> spa:
>> driver = spa
>> public_name = NTLM
>> server_password =
>> ${lookup{$auth1}lsearch{/usr/exim/exim-users}{$value}fail}
> Let me turn this question around:
> Is anyone seeing successful authentications from Vista users using
> 1. Outlook 2007
> 2. Microsoft Mail

And to be even more trivial, is anyone doing something useful with Vista?