Re: [exim] SPA authentication and Vista

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Author: John W. Baxter
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] SPA authentication and Vista
On 5/2/07 4:59 AM, "keith" <Keith.Martin@???> wrote:

> To authenticate users before they can send mail from my server, I have been
> using SPA which has been working fine up to now.
> One user has just switched to Vista and it has all stopped working -
> authentication fails every time.
> I guess Vista is encrypting the username/password differently to the way XP
> is - does anyone have any experience on getting Exim to work with Vista when
> using SPA (whilst keeping it working with XP)
> Relevant config file section:
> begin authenticators
> spa:
> driver = spa
> public_name = NTLM
> server_password =
> ${lookup{$auth1}lsearch{/usr/exim/exim-users}{$value}fail}

Hmmm. Windows mail won't connect to our server using SPA, either. And it
uses SPA regardless of whether "Use same settings as my incoming mail
server" is checked, or if not whether Log on using Secure Password
Authentication is checked.

<> is somewhat discouraging (although
it is MSN specific).


( <> if you prefer) is likewise
discouraging (and led me to the knowledge base article. (It gets into SMTP
despite the title.)

<> is more than one
should have to know about storage of Microsoft Mail settings. But perhaps
the file is being garbled.

After all that, no joy. I hope I don't have to unlimber a debug build of
Exim on our standby SMTP server.