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Author: Rohit Sakalle
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Help
Hello Sir,
               First of all heartly thanks for replying me.  While studying
code of local_scan function I understood that we read the values in to input
buffer and send it to dccifd. Dccifd returns the result of scaaning in form
A or R or S, accepted rejected receipent list and finally XDCC header that
we store in to outputbuffer. I have already look in to the document
available on for local_scan.

We check if in to local_scan function and then give the output accordingly.

This is what I understood about this local scan function.

Now I have some question for u sir, Kindly... answer me....

   - First question is that What is that dccifd and it's role with
   respect to local_scan function
   - Second question is that what is this XDCC header. How it's diffrent
   from the normal header.
    -  How is mail contents are sent ot dccifd i.e. what mechanism is

Kindly give me the answer of questions

Waiting for your answer egarly
Rohit Sakalle

On 01/05/07, Marc Sherman <msherman@???> wrote:
> Rohit Sakalle wrote:
> > Hello Mr Ted,
> >                       Really Heartly thanks for your reply... I
> understood
> > your point. But I want to know then What this local scan function
> > specifically do, if we have acl and other virus what's
> the
> > need of this function. We can run Exim without this function also. What
> are
> > major things it perform as document says it work against the virus, but
> any
> > ways we still need some add-on if I am correct.
> > So question this time is...
> > Is local_scan do porting for other virus scanning software with Exim

> It's a hook for writing your own custom scanner in C. The vast majority
> of people do not need it at all.
> - Marc
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Rohit Sakalle
Medicaps Institute of Techno Mgmt.