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Author: W B Hacker
To: exim users
Subject: Re: [exim] too many concurrent smtp
jean-paul natola wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I guess this is kind of self-explanatory, HOWEVER i would like to verify one
> other thing-
> here's the error
> #4.0.0 X-Postfix; host 
>[] refused    to talk to me: 421 Too 
> many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again    later

> We had a "consultant" send a newsletter out from from our webhosters server-
> and naturally they added every employee's email address to the "news blast"
> is it safe to assume that this was the cause of the "too many smtp
> connections"-
> is there a way to verify this?

Retroactively, perhaps not.

You need to have the server logging set to show connection source and count.

Ex (watch out for MUA line-wrap):

2007-03-09 16:21:59 SMTP connection from []:3822
I=[]:25 (TCP/IP connection count = 2)

If it is being logged, exigrep or plain-old-grep on 'connection count', then
look for the time/date of the peaks, go back in on the time-date and find the

Or something like that.

log_selector = +all provides that detail and a lot more, or you can pick and
choose with + and -. Copious specifics in the docs.