[exim] failed to stat /opt/mail/hbmail.com/spamtrap

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Author: Peter Farmer
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] failed to stat /opt/mail/hbmail.com/spamtrap
Hi All,

I've been getting these errors for a while now, but have also had other
things to worry about. Its not that many errors, but I just don't
understand why I'm getting them.

The home directory exists:

$ ls -d /opt/mail/hbmail.com/spamtrap

And there are loads of emails being delivered to the spamtrap user.

Here is a snippet of my daily exim report.

Top 10 mail rejection reasons by message count
   Messages   Mail rejection reason
         18   Rejected RCPT: failed to stat /opt/mail/hbmail.com/spamtrap

Top 10 local destinations by message count
   Messages  Addresses      Bytes    Average   Local destination
        306        306     6067KB       20KB 
/opt/mail/hbmail.com/spamtrap/Maildir/ (spamtrap@???)

Does anyone have any idea's why I'm seeing these?


Peter Farmer