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Author: Arthur Hagen
To: exim-users
Old-Topics: Re: [exim] smtp_accept_queue_per_connection
Subject: [exim] There is no thread
On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 08:21 -0800, Dan_Mitton@??? wrote:
> Hey, my topic got hi-jacked !! :-) This is an interesting thread, but if
> it continues, can it please be moved to it own thread. Thanks!

"Threads" is a function of your mail reading client, not the mailing
list software. There's no way of moving a part of a discussion to its
own thread unless you can do it at your end. Replying to an e-mail will
add an 'In-Reply-To:' header, and your email program will then build an
artificial "thread" based on that. We could change the Subject on new
e-mails, but that won't break threading, only subject grouping, which is
a different thing.

(And, if speaking mailing list etiquette here, please set your Reply-To:
to exim-users@??? unless you really want the replies to not hit the
list. And don't top-post.)