[exim] Running Exim and Kaspersky on NFS?

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Author: Patrick von der Hagen
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] Running Exim and Kaspersky on NFS?
Hi all,

first of all: this is not about storage of mailboxes on NFS. This is not
about having several clients with concurrent access to a NFS-share. This
is "just" about having exim-spool-directories, hints, etc. on a
NFS-share. I'm running Debian-Linux.

Now the details. ;-)

I'm running several incoming-servers performing sender-verification,
recipient-verification, antispam and antivir (SpamAssassin and
Kaspersky). Then they route the messages to the correspondig
mailstore-servers, which are of no concern right now.

Currently I have a SAN and each incoming-server is connected using FC
where volumes "mailin1", "mailin2", etc. are available. Heartbeat runs
on my cluster and mounts /var/mailin1, /var/mailin2, etc. to one of the
available servers. Those volumes contain everything related to exim,
i.e. binaries, spools, logs, utilities...
If one server dies, the volume is mounted on a different one and I'm
back online.

However, FC is expensive and the FC-switches are currently full... so my
storage-guru would be really happy if I could switch my setup to iSCSI
or NFS.

Since I have no iSCSI-experience, I'd prefer NFS. Since each volume is
only mounted to a single NFS-client I hope to avoid locking issues.
However, e.g. the scan-directory is accessed both by exim and Kaspersky,
which worries me a little bit.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.