[exim] quota_warn_threshold not doing anything

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Author: Matt Brock
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] quota_warn_threshold not doing anything

I'm setting up a new Exim installation, and I'm currently working on
quotas. I've got quotas working very nicely, and I'd now like to be
able to make use of quota_warn_threshold to automatically warn users
when they're approaching their quota limit. This is how my config looks:

driver = appendfile
directory = /home/$local_part/Maildir/
maildir_use_size_file = true
quota = 3M
quota_warn_threshold = 10%

The quota level and the warn thresholds are deliberately set low for
testing purposes.

The quota_warn_threshold is currently doing nothing at all. I've
tried various different percentages and also tried specifying
specific values (e.g. 1M), none of which made any difference. When I
run Exim in debug mode it makes no mention at all of quota threshold

It's not the end of the world if I can't get this working as I can do
the job fine with a script, but it would be nicer to do it this way
and I'd at least like to understand why it's failing to work.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? They'd be much appreciated.

Many thanks.


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