Re: [exim] Strip IP address from received header

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Author: Giuliano Gavazzi
To: Joachim Boltz
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Strip IP address from received header

On 2 Jan 2007, at 06:25, Joachim Boltz wrote:

> due to privacy issues I want to strip the IP address of authenticated
> users from the received header. Currently i am adding a special header
> in a content ACL when i receive mail from authenticated users:

well, read the current thread by subject "replace Received: from" and
use the information in the specs pointed out by John. Although not
experimented, I would just replace the Received: header with the
string you give below for authenticated senders.

> if $header_X-authenticated-user: is $message_id
> then
>   headers remove Received
>   headers remove X-authenticated-user
>   headers add "Received: from \n \t \
>     by foo.example\n \t \
>     id $message_id \n \t \
>     for ???; $tod_full"
> endif

> this works, but the filter always adds the new received header at the
> bottom of the header list. and i don't know how to get the "for"
> address.

well, it depends on what the for address is for you... I can guess,
it must be the sender. Then look again in the specs!

When a message is being processed, this variable contains the
sender’s address that was received
in the message’s envelope. For bounce messages, the value of this
variable is the empty string.
See also $return_path."

Clearly, if you do not valdate this address against the
authentication data, it could be forged.