Re: [exim] Penalty Box - Caching Sebder Verify Data

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Author: Marc Perkel
To: Bill Hacker
CC: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Penalty Box - Caching Sebder Verify Data

Bill Hacker wrote:

> Steven A. Reisman wrote:
> Not sure if the wheel is being re-invented here, or just a 'nuther set
> of tires fitted, but should be a goal to keep it a bit lighter-weight
> than some of the greylisting alternatives...
> The real payoff is down the line - where it can reduce what SA etc.
> need to see.
> If SA (or other) output is then fed-back to strengthen the up-front
> reduction, so much the better.
> Bill

Yes - the idea here is that your friends aren't going to send you high
scoring spam. So - if you get one you can lock that sender out for the
rest of the hour and maybe the spammer will go away and you end up not
having to process the same spam over and over.

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