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Author: Carl Inglis
To: exim-users
Subject: RE: [exim] Greylisting
> Here greylisting is optional. Each recipient can choose whether
> to have it turned on or off. The deal is if it's on, don't complain
> about delays, if it's off don't complian about spam.

When I introduced greylisting here it cut the spam down by 97%.
Unfortunately I have a number of users who started complaining about the
delay and that killed the project.

After reading your post I'm thinking about the possibility of that sort
of opt-in system. Thanks for that.

> One thing I
> found is that there is no shortage silly configurations on the net.

Found a classic yesterday at home (where I do have greylisting) - Amazon
tried 53 connects in <30 minutes. How broken is that?!?!

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