[exim] Doco bug report and wishlist item

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Author: Russell Stuart
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] Doco bug report and wishlist item
Doco bug report, exim-4.40:

Section 14.23 "Alphabetical list of main options", in the
description of remote_max_parallel. It refers to the
configuration option queue_smtp. There is no such option.
Perhaps queue_smtp_domains was intended.

Question / Wishlist item, exim-4.43:

Occasionally, several people send large emails. These then
jam up the system until they are sent. It would be nice
to restrict the number of queue running processes that handle
large messages, or alternatively reserve a number of queue
runner processes for small messages. Is this possible now?
If not, could a wishlist item be added?

Russell Stuart