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Author: Timo Neuvonen
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] Re: SMTP protocol violation (3ware raid controller mailingtoexim 4.44)
> The 3dm2 smtp client should wait for the smtp greeting message "220
> your.server ESMTP Exim..." before sending any input, but it seems that
> he immediatly sends his "helo $hostname", which is a protocol violation.

Strictly speaking, is it a violation?
rfc2821, Section 4.3.1, 2nd paragraph says:

One important reply is the connection greeting. Normally, a receiver
will send a 220 "Service ready" reply when the connection is
completed. The sender SHOULD wait for this greeting message before
sending any commands.

Previous paragraph used uppercase MUST when speaking about waiting
for other replies.

It looks to me, that this default behaviour of exim is more strict than the
rfc requires. But I think it would sound very sensible to require waiting
for _all_ replies before issuing new commands.