Re: [exim] Catchall catching everything

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Author: Antony Gelberg
To: exim-users
CC: Chris Cowen
Subject: Re: [exim] Catchall catching everything
Philip Hazel wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Antony Gelberg wrote:

>>I have "fixed" this by moving the localuser director above system_aliases, so
>>that it runs first. Question is, am I running the risk of breaking anything
>>by doing this? It seems to me that localuser would always need to be above
>>system_aliases to avoid this problem, so I wonder why the default was as it
> The default, in a traditional system that does not use catchalls, allows
> aliases to aliases, typically
> hostmaster: root
> postmaster: root
> abuse:      root
> root:       manager-on-duty

> If you know that you never have one alias pointing to another, then you
> can safely put the localuser router first.

You have confirmed my gut feeling. This is not acceptable.

> Another way of solving your problem is to use the redirect_router
> option. (In Exim 4, that is. From your use of "director", it seems you
> are using Exim 3. That is 3 years out of date, and I can't remember if
> it had that option. Look in its documentation.)

We are indeed using exim 3, as we're running Debian stable and have no
desire to get involved with backports. There is no redirect_router, but
there is new_director. Adding new_director = localuser in
system_aliases: appears to have solved the problem. Thanks.