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Author: Matt
To: exim
Subject: Re: [exim] How is this done? (A1601 from exim FAQ) legel disclaimers
Doug Block wrote:

> Ok with that wonderful answer which I agree with 100% who is this done
> exactly. I have read more things on why not to do it and what it may
> break but for the life of me I have not found what statement I need to
> add in a exim filter to add it. I remember something about how to do it
> from something I read about a year ago but I can't remember if it was a
> manual or a post which doesn't help me find it.

Using the above answer in the faq.

I am not completely sure of the process, but I believe you also need a
shell script which literally cats stdin to a tmpfile, runs altermime on
the tmpfile, then reinjects the email via the sendmail command.