[exim] "sender verify" problem

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Author: Henry Kupets
To: exim-users
Subject: [exim] "sender verify" problem

I am running Exim 4.41 on the RH Linux8. This box is located in our DMZ
and works as a "smart mailer" - relays email to our email server inside
the LAN from the Internet and vice versa.

All our users inside our LAN can send and receive messages with no problems.

In addition to regular users I have two Sun Solaris servers inside my
LAN that need to send scheduled messages to the Internet. The thing is
that my "smart mailer" rejects email sent from Sun boxes unless I
comment out the line:

require verify = sender

in the section "acl_check_rcpt".

If there is a way to keep this entry (require verify = sender)
uncommented and to skip sender verification for specific hosts or IP
addresses ???

Henry Kupets
Department of Industrial Accidents
617-727-4900 x.495