Re: [exim] Sender Callout Verification on non-default NI

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Author: Dan Shoop
To: Tony Finch
CC: Tony Finch, exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] Sender Callout Verification on non-default NI
At 10:06 AM +0000 12/7/04, Tony Finch wrote:
>On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Dan Shoop wrote:
>> Yet I can manually connect to hosts through it. Here I have an
>>explicit route
>> to the host in the previous sender callout verification test run above using
>> the desired NI:
>Try running `netstat -an` while running a working telnet connection to the
>destination host and a non-working exim connection, and see if there are
>any differences.
>I expect your peculiar routing is the problem :-)

The problem exists before the routing is in place so it can't be the
culprit. (I jut tossed the static route to the test remote host to
easily force telnet to use the right NI.)

That is with no static routes it still fails. It also wouldn't
explain why callouts to all hosts are timing out or failing.

Is their a timer for sender call out verification? If you review the
previous -d output you'll see it looks like it connects but then
times out (presumably not getting a banner response from the remote
server in time?)


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