Re: [exim] MBX format - converting to it

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Author: Marc Perkel
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [exim] MBX format - converting to it
Yes - I found it and it works. I had to write a script around it to move
the message to a user account - chang to that user - convert the
messages - and then copy it back. But - it does seem to solve the issue
of several users accessing the same account - especially the Outlook
problem I was having. I'm also hoping for some performance increase and
load decrease.

Here's my script in case anyone else needs to do this. Run as root.

#! /bin/bash

cp $1 /home/marc/x
chown marc:marc /home/marc/x
su - marc -c "/usr/bin/mailutil copy x \#driver.mbx/y"
cat /home/marc/y > $1
rm /home/marc/x
rm /home/marc/y

Clive McDowell wrote:

>you can use the UW mailutil tool that comes with the IMAP software.
>Depending on the location of your home directories you need something like -
>mailutil move /var/mail/jbloggs #driver.mbx/INBOX
>You may need quotes round the target depending on the shell - can't quite
>remember. If you're paranoid you can use 'copy' rather than 'move' but
>you'll need to make sure exim is set up for mbx only delivery or you may end
>up with two out of sync inboxes.
>Note that this has to run as the user being converted or root. I converted
>over 6000 using this in a number of batches.
> Clive McDowell
>Information Services
>The Queen's University of Belfast