RE: [Exim] exiscan-acl-4.24-22 - SPF support

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Author: Ring, John C
To: exim-users
Subject: RE: [Exim] exiscan-acl-4.24-22 - SPF support
>>The administrator (and by proxy, owner) of a domain has no right to
>>determine how it is used? That strikes me as an extreme view.
>OK, let me put it another way. By sending mail by SMTP, it is
>reasonable to assume that the sender grants permission for SMTP
>servers to do what SMTP servers have done for decades -- to
>forward the mail elsewhere with the reverse-path intact.

I respectfully disagree. A site needing Internet e-mail has no choice but
to use SMTP. That doesn't mean they agree with every aspect of SMTP, which
was designed in a VERY different Internet environment.

For decades, forwarding was really the only reasonable way to deal with
getting your e-mail while offsite. With good Internet access penetration
and the use of IPsec and/or web based e-mail access, domain owners can
provide their users access to their e-mail without resorting to forwarding.

IMO that's often the better way for folks, anyway. Wouldn't you rather have
just two e-mail accounts (one for work, one for "play") which you then
access from (almost) anywhere, rather then use many different addresses and
having to set up forwarding all the time as you move around? And risking
creating mail loops on yourself and losing e-mail that way? Or not getting
a message in a timely fashion if you forgot to setup your forwarding on one

John C. Ring, Jr.
Network Engineer
Union Switch & Signal Inc.