Re: [Exim] port 25 blocking

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Author: Edgar Lovecraft
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] port 25 blocking
Larry wrote:
> My internet provider has blocked port 25 so I can no longer send email
> from my own computer but have to go through their smtp
> account.
> Is there anyway around this port 25 block? I understand that
> all computers listen on port 25 as the default mail port, so if I sent
> mail from another port it would not be received on the
> other end , is that correct?
> As an alternative is there a way to set exim up to forward my mail
> through their smtp port using my username and password without it being
> stopped as spam by their servers?
> Stinking spammers, they have screwed things up for everyone.
> Thanks for any help.

CUDOS FOR COX!!!! ALL ISP's shoudl the same!
as for your server, if you are sending through cox servers there is no need
for authentication (at least not to the cox servers I send through)
so follow the directions you can find here in the manual: