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Author: Kevin Reed
To: exim-users
Subject: Re: [Exim] port 25 blocking
Larry said:
> My internet provider has blocked port 25 so I can no longer send
> email from my own computer but have to go through their smtp
> account.
> Is there anyway around this port 25 block? I understand that
> all computers listen on port 25 as the default mail port, so if I
> sent mail from another port it would not be received on the
> other end , is that correct?

You need to make arrangements with someone with a mail server that will
listen on another port. I do that for all my traffic, route my home
office cable mail via my outside commercial unix mail server.

That server using Exim listens on both 25 and 2025 for smtp traffic and
knows that anything routed back to my home server needs to go via 2025.

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