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Author: Leonardo Boselli
To: exim-users
Subject: [Exim] forced open relay
Problem: some people of our departmente sometimes conenct from
From a particular site there are however these costraints:
1. They cannot change the programs used there, so no authentication is
possible; only plain SMTP (They can however choose the smtp server !)
2. The local mail server allows ONLY messages having as a _from_ field
a local user, so they cannot send emai with their perlonal address
3. The ws there are natted, and IP addrres given is different even for
different call from same machine, so a pop befor smtp is not feasible.
4. Only "favorable" situation is that the address given are only 20 ones,
consecutive ....
5. Another favorable situatioin is that is acceptable to allow that each
message be sent only to one address.

I thought about setting something that
IF ( (the host is in that 20 ones) AND (there is ONLY one RCPT) )
THEN accept.
An intersting option would be "accept and bounce a copy of the message
to the alleged sender", so s/he can have a copy in the local mailbox

Do you have any hint on how to do ?
Leonardo Boselli
Nucleo Informatico e Telematico del Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile
Universita` di Firenze , V. S. Marta 3 - I-50139 Firenze
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